Why We Do What We Do

"In my 15 years of both personal and professional experience in the disability sector I have witnessed client's needs not met, inadequate support and lack of inclusion in decision making processes. I have seen the choice taken away from clients and families and only being offered limited supports.These inconsistencies encouraged me to create this company to ensure that you, the client, are listened to, your choices are respected and catered too, and you and your staff feel safe"

Leonie Madden - Company Director 

Our Goal

Here at Family Inclusive we believe that all people should have access to inclusive, self-driven support, while meeting their emotional, spiritual and care needs. We strive to make a difference in the lives of every person we meet, to ensure they feel in control of their own lives through their own choices and decisions, with the support of our caring and compassionate team.

How We Do This

• Actively listen and respond to clients’ needs

• Respond to the individual in a way that promotes self-reliance and self-respect

• Establish models of support and service delivery that enables people to realise their capacity for self-determinations and encouraging personal responsibility​

• Continually strive to meet best practise in all areas of service delivery

• Develop an environment which fosters teamwork, learning and the pursuit of common goals

• Grow our business in accordance with the NDIS remaining accessible for all.